I am an experienced saxophone teacher and performer living in Portland, Oregon. I teach saxophone lessons out of my home in the South Tabor neighborhood in SE Portland.

I played flute as a child, then started playing saxophone in college, having developed an interest in jazz. I played in the college jazz band, then became a professional musician after college. Since then I have played in many styles, including jazz, gypsy swing, klezmer, blues, r&b, african highlife, reggae, and funk.

As a sax teacher I focus on having fun and exploring the instrument, while emphasizing fundamental musical principles. Because the sax is so versatile, I like to give students a chance to learn to play music that they already enjoy. Students are taught to play with a beautiful sound and solid technique, while discovering the many unique sonic possibilities of the sax.

Many sax students are interested in jazz and improvisation. For these students I emphasize music theory, as well as studying the great jazz players and the many lessons they have to teach us. I have developed teaching methods that make improvisation accessible and fun to learn through a step-by-step process.

Young people just starting out will find that they progress much faster with private saxophone lessons. Taking lessons early from a great teacher made all the difference in my musical development.

Many adults used to play saxophone in school band and want to pick it up again later in life. As I write about on my blog, these people are often surprised by how much they remember, and can often progress quickly with good teaching and practice.

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